What's in a good resume?

The secret is smart storytelling.

A buzzword for 21st-century job hunters to know and understand is oversaturation -- too many competitors, not enough jobs. It's normal for an employer to receive 250+ applications to just one online posting. Just imagine finding your dream job and realizing that 249 other people will be fighting equally as hard for one, solitary spot. Job hunting today can feel like a bit of a lottery.

Improve your odds with a standout resume that tells your story better. In addition to outlining all the important details of your professional career, Scott draws out stories of past accomplishments and pertinent skills to highlight for employers. Your best talents and experiences are consolidated into precise, easy-to-digest items that tell a brief but impactful story. While there are no guarantees in job hunting, a smart and polished resume can dramatically improve your chances of scoring an interview and winning a job.