Scott Blacklock writes job-winning resumes.


What's the secret? It's you. Your resume is an opportunity to tell your story. Employers love the coherent narrative, compelling messaging and thorough customization that Scott includes in every resume he writes. Your career goals and achievements, your experience and know-how, your value... It's your story and it deserves to be told well.



A custom-fit process for every client.

Tailored Questionnaire

Each and every client receives a comprehensive questionnaire via e-mail that intends to gather your storyand not just your pertinent information. What do your potential employers want to know about you? That's what I aim to learn.

Made-to-Order Resume

Your resume is built from the ground up. Every element is designed with your history, talents, and ambitions in mind. There's no one-size-fits-all template to plug your details into. This is your resume, custom-fit to you and your job search.

Revisions & Wrap-Up

With the first draft of your new resume, you can request as many revisions as you like, no matter how small or large. Only when you are satisfied is the final & customizable product is delivered. Ready to realize your aspirations? 

Here's what satisfied clients have to say.

Scott exhibited vast creativity, professionalism, and genuine interest in producing my new, first-rate resume. 10/10—would recommend Scott!
— Paul Daley
Saying that Scott is an excellent editor is simply an understatement. If my content was a 6 before in terms of writing stucture and eloquence, Scott changed it to a 9.5.
— Lawrence Kenshin,
Scott was professional, helpful & easy to work with. I’ve had 2 job offers with my new resume & wouldn’t dream of changing a thing!
— Bryan Osowiec
My new resume represents me perfectly. It gives me a lot of confidence to apply with it. And the best part is that I’m already 2/2 in scoring interviews!
— Ryan Day
I think I shed a tear after reading this. This is so nice.
— Damari McBride
Overall I believe that [my resume] is much improved and will be useful in getting me the job that I’m looking for. Your service is legit!
— Natasha Vega