I've Never Seen a Resume I Didn't Have a Problem With

Deep within the busy Reddit hivemind, there is a community called r/resumes, where visitors post their resumes and ask for help. A small moderator team and a collection of pro resume writers (myself included) dish out advice on everything from layout to content, strategy to messaging.

I really have fun offering my feedback on r/resumes. I get to voice my opinion on a topic I feel comfortable speaking about. And it seems to have helped some people. That feels cool, but I just like writing a bit... savage.

I don’t pull any punches. It’s all constructive, but if my criticisms were a knife, they'd definitely be a serrated. It’s out of love, I promise. It's just my style, and hey---you've got to have fun with what you do.

What you’ll see below are two anonymized resumes posted to r/resume recently, followed by my critique. I thought putting these up may be helpful as a tutorial to others in similar positions with their resumes. I’ll touch on messaging, organization, fonts and design, content remodeling, and more. 

Hope you get something out of this! Comment and share if you dig it.

Resume #1: Architectural Designer

This is what the user posted:

Pretty standard gripe. Take a look at his resume:

And finally, my critique:

Resume #2: Media/Design

Here's the resume this user posted:


We've all seen this one before (in Microsoft Word, under "Templates"). Here's what I wrote back to this user:

So what do you think of my critiques? Do you agree or disagree with my advice? What further changes might you seek to be made to these two resumes?

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